Sometimes a customer asks for a little adjustment or a request for a different finger hook or water key. This is something we do daily. But we also have completely rebuilt a loved instrument with more modern bracing, custom leadpipes, etc. All these changes, including ergonomic changes for people with a dissability are called modifications. 

Most common modifications are adding a trigger, swap bad amado waterkeys (getzen style) with their modern equivalents and leadpipe replacements. But we love doing the more advanced jobs too. Replacing the complete valve block or bell, adding a quarter tone valve, or refinishing an instrument is very rewarding work. Here you can find a video of a Bb to C conversion we did on an old romantic trumpet, to show you we take our work serious. 

Almost anything is possible. If you have an idea of what you like to achieve, we are able to make that possible. If you have specific questions about modifications please contact us with your enquiry.

Our clean, tidy workshop
Our clean, tidy workshop